09-05-18 18:38: AllesOn.. @ Sparvar (#1704)
 17-04-18 14:03: ZoSimpe.. @ Sparvar (#1704)
 28-12-17 11:48: [cobra] @ Sparvar (#1704)
 24-10-17 11:34: blikje @ Sparvar (#1704)
 14-08-17 22:32: dubbelv.. @ Sparvar (#1704)
 13-06-17 16:33: RED @ MOON (#20140)
 13-06-17 16:33: RED @ BALON (#20144)
 13-06-17 16:32: RED @ SHY (#19775)
 12-06-17 21:39: 420STON.. @ SHY (#19775)
 19-02-17 02:38: subway @ MOEN ZE.. (#20077)
 28-11-16 09:03: RED @ KASH (#19836)
 28-11-16 09:00: RED @ DELTA (#19889)
 28-11-16 09:00: RED @ BUS MOO.. (#19912)
 28-11-16 08:59: RED @ ??? (#19978)
 28-11-16 08:55: RED @ ESONE (#16907)
 28-11-16 08:53: RED @ CHINTZ (#16831)
 22-11-16 16:03: RED @ MOON (#20132)
 22-11-16 16:03: RED @ MOON (#20134)
 22-11-16 16:03: RED @ MOON (#20135)
 31-10-16 09:30: regendr.. @ Gemeent.. (#1703)


Disclaimer is a website where pictures of a specific phenomenon are displayed on which visitors of the website can react on. is not responsible for the reactions of visitors of the website and also not for what is displayed on the pictures.

What will/will not be shown on bomdiggy?

Because taste differs we have decided to put all graffiti from Amsterdam on the website, whether we like it or not. However tags and pictures of not filled-in throwups will not be put on the website.

There's something mine on bomdiggy I didn't send in! Remove it!

There are a lot of people just like us that take pictures of graffiti and send them in. But we don't remove pictures from unless we see a good reason for it. Sending a mail with: I am X, remove that picture is not going to work.

Can I post anything I want?

You can do just about anything on bomdiggy but try to keep it graffiti related. The reason why there isn't a 'real' forum on the website is that we find that a forum goes way too much off topic. Try also to substantiate your criticism as much as possible. Snitching however is not allowed. Because we of can impossibly read all comments we hope that everyone who sees something seen as 'wrong' can notify this to us by e-mail ( or PM (webmeester).

Can I send in pictures too?

Yes, you can. Email them to - preferred accompanied with the neighborhood where the photo is taken. Please do keep in mind that we only put on pictures from Amsterdam. If it is pointed out that something is not from Amsterdam we will remove it immediately.

Other questions and/or suggestions are also welcome at